Core Technology Department

Biotechnology research and development at Soft Flow relies on a multidisciplinary approach from the industry’s experts. Our aim is to provide our customers with solutions that helps them to achieve their business goals, while keeping our planet’s long-term future in sight by reducing our biological footprint.

At the Core Technology department, we have three core teams that working for a common goal. The Biology team’s responsibility is to design and develop binding agents that can recognize analytes for our customers. The Chemistry team has a dual function, on one hand our colleagues are coupling molecules to one another or to different surfaces, on the other hand they perform analytical tasks to identify and purify molecules for further downstream use. The Assay team develops and optimizes the measurement reaction to reach the success criteria specified by our customers.

Our development process starts with the exploration of an idea, and goes through a feasibility study. After that, we go through the phases of reagent- and assay development, which finishes with an optimization and validation. During this work, researchers form the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering and many more are working closely together on a daily basis to develop innovative solutions for the food industry.

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